Challenges to Face with Confidence


The ACSDllc helps to provide a safe treatment environment for addicts seeking recovery, coupled with educational opportunities necessary to obtain long-term employment while on their paths to becoming independent, productive, successful citizens.  ACSDllc programs help to provide a clinically sound, comprehensive continuum of care, treatment, and recovery options for recovering addicts.


R.C.E.S. - Employment Service

  RCES is a proprietary employment service design for recovering addicts. RCES is for the recovering addict who is willing to follow a personal vocational career path with demonstrably viable employment options. Features of the RCES Employment Service include:

tripple e.png

The Triple-E Program

  Triple E is a reference to the importance of Effort, Education and Employment for the recovering addict who wants both a comfortable, independent, sustained recovery as well as viable vocational opportunities. The Triple-E Program includes proprietary programs designed to function in conjunction with the recovering addict’s personal continuing care treatment plan.



  12HOME is a comprehensive transitional living program designed to provide the recovering addict with a post-primary treatment environment. 12HOME offers a highly cost-effective living option. 12HOME programming encourages residents to practice accountability, responsibility, and essential life skills necessary for independent living.



  NORMAL is the acronym for “Neutral Organization, Recognition, Mindset, And Language”. The NORMAL program provides the recovering addict with a suite of therapeutic educational environments that are designed to augment conventional recovery-oriented education programs. The NORMAL program provides the recovering addict the following