With ACSD LLC as your partner, fewer people will fall through the cracks.


The vision of ACSD LLC is to help provide a place that can offer a safe environment and the educational opportunities necessary to obtain long-term employment on a path to becoming productive and successful citizens. Our ultimate goal is to provide a clinically sound, comprehensive continuum of care with treatment recovery options for the recovering addict.



The ACSDllc mission is to facilitate the comprehensive long-term recovery of addicts by assisting professionals, faith-based organizations, lay recovery communities, and other recovery-oriented systems of care in delivering a more successful and cost-effective service.




ACSDllc exists to help provide safe, comprehensive continua of care and treatment environments for addicts seeking recovery. ACSDllc will provide AODA program augmentation through therapeutic, educational, cultural, and vocational opportunities necessary for addicts to become independent, productive, successful citizens.  ACSDllc services, products and programs will help provide clinically sound recovery options for addicts who want to have a successful, comprehensive, long-term recovery.    -ACSDllc © 2018




The ACSDllc Team members share unique personal, vocational, professional, and recovery-community perspectives. Their combined experiences in vocational, clinical and recovery environments make possible ACSDllc being able to provide more comprehensive personal, social, cultural, legal, and clinical options for addicts. ACSDllc will help other recovery-oriented systems of care to provide the addict a smoother path to long-term recovery, independence, self-reliance, social and personal stability, and the re- entry of the recovering addict into society and the community-at-large.   -ACSDllc © 2018



Founders - Jason Lulloff & Jarrett strawn

The founders of ACSDllc and their advisory board share unique vocational, professional, and recovery-community perspectives. With their combined experience in professional, clinical, and recovery world environments, they recognize the need for a more comprehensively social, cultural, and clinical response in our communities as a more enhanced approach to this national healthcare emergency. Our programming is designed to 'fill in the cracks' of the recovering community. We strive to provide an easier path to long-term for recovery and a successful reentry into society.